Information about your membership

Fees/Dues Structure 2017/2018

Membership fees/dues $450.00 

                                   +HST  ($67.50)   

                                   +Science ($75.00)  


                    Total Fees $592.50

The length of time the membership is valid is until September 30th 2018. 

At this time there will be an AGM held, late September of early October, for elections of officers 

and discussion of pertinent subjects relating to the association, and also the collection of fees/dues for the 2018-2019 year.

In subsequent years the fees/dues might increase depending on the success of the association 

and the amount of services and activities rendered. 

The association, depending on the recruitment of members, is committed to hiring a 

spokesperson/manager who can devote full time efforts in an office environment to enhancing 

the success of the association and the lobster industry as a whole. 

With the collaborative efforts of the association and its members, we can achieve a better 

future; ensuring a safe, sustainable and prosperous fishery in LFA 34. 

We need to move forward and lead the lobster fishery in LFA 34.


Cold Water Lobster Association