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Coldwater Lobster Association


Coldwater Lobster Association launched in LFA 34

For Immediate Release

Yarmouth, NS. November 7, 2014-

The Coldwater Lobster Association today announced that it is open for business and is actively recruiting members in Lobster Fishing Area 34.

The Association was formed to represent lobster license holders in LFA 34 and to address an ever increasing list of industry issues.  Coldwater Lobster Association will work with industry stakeholders, government agencies and others for the betterment of its members and the lobster industry as a whole.

 “The business of fishing and the management of the fishery have become very complicated and require ever increasing attention. We feel that an association with a structured, dues paying membership regime is the best approach to facilitate the emerging needs of fishermen in LFA 34.” says association President Bernie Berry.  “We want to build a vision for a better future, to revitalize the industry and generate the most value possible from our fishery resource. A strong fishery will allow young fishermen the opportunity to stay in Nova Scotia and will help rural communities thrive throughout the province.”

The initial Board of Directors is made up of lobster fishermen and representation from the First Nations community. All board members have a vested interest in the future of the industry.

The Association executive is made up of H. Bernie Berry - President , Thomas Amirault- Vice President and Lucien LeBlanc- Secretary/Treasurer; rounding out the board are R. Morgan Surette, Derek Thomas, Jeffrey Nickerson, Robert Harris and Timothy Martin.  

The Association intends to hire an executive director to work on behalf of members on important industry issues.  They also hope to take advantage of the buying power and influence of a dues paying organization to help reduce overhead costs to its members and will work to secure member benefits such as supplier discounts, fuel discounts and group insurance, however these initiatives will take some time to implement.

“LFA 34 needs and must have a strong voice” says Berry, “an organization of like-minded, dues paying members will achieve this. This area has 975 license holders and fishermen here landed 55,000,000 lbs of lobsters during the 2013-2014 season. We need to take the initiative and lead this industry by establishing a strong organization”.

Anyone wishing to join the Coldwater Lobster Association or to obtain information on the new group is invited to contact Bernie Berry at 902-742-6325 or to speak with any one of the Board members.

“The Coldwater Lobster Association through services to members will work to ensure a safe, sustainable and prosperous lobster fishery in LFA 34 for current and future generations”.

For more information please contact:

Bernie Berry-President

Coldwater Lobster Association