General Development of Coldwater Lobster Association

The business of fishing and the management of fisheries have become very complicated and require ever increasing attention. It is felt that a “fresh” new association with a structured membership regime would be the best approach to facilitate the emerging needs of fishermen in LFA 34. We want to build a vision for a better future.  

Now, more than ever before, fishermen need to come together as one strong representative group. Coldwater Lobster Association will work with industry stakeholders, government agencies and others for the betterment of the lobster industry as we move into the future. The Association will take advantage of economies of scale to reduce costs to its members and will work to strengthen the lobster fishery. A strong fishing industry will allow potential young fishermen the opportunity to stay in Nova Scotia and will help our rural fishing communities thrive. 

Our vision includes hiring an Executive Director who would work to recruit association members and educate fishermen in LFA 34 about the importance of organization. Once in place, the Executive Director will also represent the Association on various industry and government boards and committees as required. 

At the NSDFA Ministers Conference this year, the province unveiled a new commercial fisheries strategy which included six key pillars, one of which was organization. Those present at the conference all agreed that none of the other pillars could progress without organization- that is a key to the success of the strategy. Coldwater Lobster Association could also be a key contributor in the development of the NSDFA commercial fisheries strategy as it moves forward. The ultimate goal of Coldwater Lobster Association is to represent all lobster licence holders in Region 5, (Southwest) as defined by Nova Scotia Fish Harvesters Support Act. (See Appendix C for the anticipated target area for recruitment).


Association Structure

The Association is a not for profit society registered under the name "Coldwater Lobster Association" pursuant to the Societies Act Nova Scotia (Oct, 2014). The Association head office is currently located at:

1024 Lakeside Rd, Milton Highlands. 

Nova Scotia

B5A 5K1

Board of Directors

The Board is currently comprised of eight directors who are lobster licence holders or representatives of First Nations holding lobster licences in LFA 34. Board members are elected by and are accountable to the association members. All board members have a vested interest in the lobster industry and its future.

Staff will report to the Board of Directors and provide progress reports as directed.