Proposed Activities/Services of The Association


A. Services to Members


              i.        Training


·   Arrange training courses such as First Aid, Marine Emergency Duties, Restricted Operator Certificate- Maritime Commercial (ROC-MC), Fishing Master classes etc.

·   Basic computer courses tailored to needs of fishermen(for example: on-line license renewal, excel, book keeping)


                               ii.            Discounted Services and supplies


·   Work with training partners to secure member discounts on training

·   Supplier discounts

·   Volume discounted Insurance programs


                              iii.            Information sharing


·   Website will be set up to keep members up to date on important topics

·   Meeting minutes posted to ensure transparency

·   Newsletters

·   Members meetings


                             iv.            Organize events/ seminars of special interest to members ie:


·         Quality lobster seminars

·         Established fishermen mentoring young fishermen in schools etc.


B.   Market and Business Development


                                i.            Continue studies on effort vs. return in lobster fishery- improve productivity.

                              ii.            Work with industry/ government partners to ensure lobster fishery achieves its optimum value potential.

                             iii.            Work to ensure adequate science is carried out

                             iv.            Participate in Marine Stewartship Council process for certification of LFA 34 lobster.


C.   Advocacy


                     i.        Communicate regularly with Transport Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Provincial Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture, Fisheries Safety Association of Nova Scotia, Workers Compensation Board of NS and others.

                    ii.        Represent members’ interests on various federal, provincial, municipal and industry boards such as- Lobster Council of Canada, FSANS, Gulf of Maine Advisory Council, Canadian Marine Advisory Council, Lobster Council of Canada, Fishermen Scientists Research Society, Scotia Fundy Roundtable, Fisheries Safety Association of NS, Chamber of Commerce etc.

                   iii.        Work to facilitate reduction of service fees and associated red tape to members for things such as lobster tags, license renewals, Transport Canada fees, WCB fees etc. 

                            iv.            Others as need arises


Market and Business Development

Services to Members